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Little woman takes giant steps in debut

One of this year’s brightest newcomers on the Turk music scene, Yasemin Mori, draws pbudits for her originallty, whkh can be found n many aspects of her music - from her awkward album title, trans as ‘Anima to her cleverly written lyrics

She may look like a sweet 19-year-old giri, but Yasemin Mori is not interested in singing ear-candy pop songs.

She is completely on the forefront of pop music’s frontiers, defying that genre’s number one rule by writing her own songs. But that is stili aimost nothing compared to other main assets that place her far out of the mainstream and make her one of the finest newcomers on the Turkish altemative rock music scene.
Take this example: There is not a single photograph of her in the record sleeves of the debut record “Hayvanlar.”


But that may not be a surprise for someone who admits to having passed her early teens with music “that had an attitude.” The 25-year-old clearly recalis the day when her elder sister gave her Queen’s “Bohemian Rhap sody,” which was nothing short of a moment of enlightenment for her life.
That magnum opus opened a whole new door to Mori, who started to hsten to music unstoppabiy after that.
Following a chain reaction, she moved to The Cure, and the knot slipped on. “1 continued from English music and lis tened to [punk and gothic rock giant] Siouxsie . the Banshees,” she told Turkish music monthly Blue Jean.
“Then 1 found [former singer of The Smiths] Morrissey and that Manchester connection led me to [post-punk pio neer] Joy Division.” Obviously, the Manchester music scene had an impact on Mori like nothing else. “It feeis like a box was opening when you discovered Manchester,” she expiained. “Then came a moment when 1 didn’t just want to be a listener and formed my band.”
However, her first band had to dissolve soon due to a simple rule:
“No guys allowed.” “We had that
‘girl-band’ principle but couidn’t make music much be cause there was attitude but no music,” she said.
In her record she often succeeds in merging music and attitude, not forgetting to add bright ideas. Her record title, “Hayvanlar,” translated as “Animais,”
is telling: She feels that what makes humans so uncomfortable in modem life is that people lost their ba sic instincts and connecti on with life in the civilization process and became severeiy dif ferent from animais.

A modern way

“I want animais; animais are good,” she said. While her record is filled with lines based on relationships, loneliness and other issues of modem life, Mori’s road to being an acclaimed artist was paved in a modem way.
When she put her songs on the popular social network MySpace, she started to have a fan base. “That was something I wanted very much,” she said. “Basicaliy, you are doing [music] because you want to share it with people.” Mori must be thankful that now she is sharing her music with thousands.

Turkish Daily News

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